The photographic process

All photography work starts with a simple consultation that allows for a better understanding of how we can help you.  During the consultation we will establish a plan and schedule a time to take the photos.  Following the photo shoot, the work will undergo an editing process and then be delivered to you via CD/DVD or FTP in a timely manner.



Photograph rate: $245 a Day or $45.00 per hour*

This rate covers all forms of photos including the list below. *The hourly rate has a 5 hour time cap, all photo shoots longer then 5 hours will be at the Day rate, which includes basic editing.

Advanced editing: $30.00 per hour

Advanced editing would include items such as skin editing, object removal, and HDR imaging.  In most situations this is something that you request after the initial proof is reviewed and further editing requests are made.

Location Work: $40.00 Flat Charge

This charge is for on location work done within 50 miles of Castle Rock CO, for work outside 50 miles, contact for pricing. We will go to the ends of the earth if that’s what the job requires.