Graphics Design

Graphics Design – $35.00 per hour

We design logos, pamphlets, posters, mailers, banners, labels, graphic elements for web pages, and just about anything else you can think of. Sorry, we do not build web sites but if you need elements for one designed we can do that and get it to your web developer.

There are times when your small business will need custom advertisement created so you can present the unique ideas or concepts to your customers.  At JHP studios we strive to understand these needs and create items that will help you achieve your goals,  from simple to complex we will do our best to create what you need in a timely and affordable manner.

Lets Get Started:

Design is always about feel, what you are trying to convey as a company will direct part of the design process. Much of this can be accomplished with a few simple questions.


What Colors do you want: Color will affect the feel of a design, and can drastically change the perception of an idea.


You don’t have to be a designer to know what you like, descriptive terms like Soft, Modern, Approachable, Dramatic, and so on will also aid in directing the concept.


An idea and the amount of content need changes with size, a business card would not contain the same information as a 24″x 36″ poster. That being said its important to keep things as simple as possible even when working with larger items. You can only count on a person giving you 3-10 seconds to get there attention, if it didn’t happen than it probably is because the design is to complex.

Examples of Others:

To preface I will not copy some ones design or logo, but looking at work that you like through a quick internet search can drastically accelerate the design process by establishing a creative baseline. This is true in many aspects of design but with logos in particular it can be a huge advantage to look at what your industry standard is and look at how that style can apply to your company. I always like to use the snow board industry as an example of how multiple company’s have created ” Snow Board life style” branding.


Some Examples:(Click Images)

For Examples of Global Brands(Click)